Jos Rijff

Jos Rijff

Jos Rijff

“The picture tells the story……A quote made by Ben Aalbers (1916 – 2004), internationally
known calligraphy innovator, teacher and recess, presenting an illustrated typographic poster made by Jos Rijff. Jos (Geldrop, 1953),
a Dutch student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rotterdam, the famous and wellknown Willem De Kooning-academy.

Always keeping Ben’s motivations in mind, Rijff went his own way…

For more then 35 years Jos was an art director and illustrator for several Dutch advertising agencies and publishing houses,
providing them “a story within a story”…

Nowadays he’s painting free work as well on commision hyper realism and portraits, both on canvas and panel, in acrylics
and oil. Using ancient and modern techniques and materials all together, mixed in various media and / or designs and exhibiting in
his homeland and abroad.

Jos Rijff; designer, painter & illustrator.

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