Certified Art Giclee

Certified Art Giclee

All the paintings of Marcel Witte remain unique pieces of art. None of the artworks are duplicated. The buyer has the warranty that he/she is the only owner of the original artwork.

However, Marcel is frequently asked to copy one of his earlier paintings. As a response to the increasing demand, there are now giclées available of a number of successful, existing paintings. It concerns a limited edition of art prints, each one in a number of 25 copies. The giclées of his works are printed on very high quality paper. All copies are personally signed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. By maintaining the true size, the power of the image is retained.

An additional advantage is the lower cost, compared to the original paintings. This makes it possible to get one of his artworks for a reasonable budget.


Inspired by the Delft blue tiles, artist Marcel Witte made a serie of four small paintings (14 x 14 cm): ‘Believe in Magic’, ‘Explorer’, ‘Spot on’ and ‘Tantalization’.All these paintings have typical Dutch scenes, but then with a little twist. Faithful to his artistic concept, the artist tells a story, featuring a realistic painted, life-size animal. Therefore the works are often referred to as a contemporary visual fable. To bring back the idea to its origin, Marcel decided to make real tiles of his four Delft Blue paintings. This by using modern techniques, but in a traditional way. It became the ‘Fairytile’; an original work of art to set on a shelf, to hang on the wall or to make a authentically tiled wall. The tiles have a size of 14.8 x 14.8 cm and are almost identical to the size of the original paintings. 

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